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Leadership Boardwalk was created to develop, inform, and inspire current and future Santa Cruz Seaside Company leaders through a comprehensive program that:

  • Explores the rich history of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
  • Examines the purpose and function of individual departments and workgroups.
  • Creates a strong sense of teamwork among the participants.
  • Provides hands-on learning and leadership development opportunities.
Class 1 2017 Visit to the Aquarium

Program Goals

  1. Broaden the perspective of participants and deepen their understanding of the Santa Cruz Seaside Company and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
  2. Develop current and future leaders by helping them develop new skills, grow their careers, and expand their knowledge base.
  3. Strengthen interpersonal relationships among program participants.

Curriculum & Schedule

Attendance and full participation in Leadership Boardwalk sessions are required except due to vacation, illness, or emergency. The dates for LBW Class 6 sessions are set through the end of 2024. Class 6 sessions in 2025 will be finalized after Labor Day.

Session Month Topic
Session 1 Thursday, September 19 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk History & Leadership
Session 2 Wednesday, October 16 Boardwalk Operations
Session 3 Thursday, November 7 Hodgepodge Day
Session 4 December 12 & 13 2-day Leadership Development Challenge
Session 5 January 2025 Technical Services
Session 6 February 2025 Marketing
Session 7 March 2025 Maintenance
Session 8 March 2025 Human Resources
Session 9 April 2025 Security
Session 10 May 2025 Off-Site Park or Attraction Visit
Session 11 June 2025 Leadership Development & Graduation

*Schedule for 2024-2025 subject to change.

Leadership Boardwalk participants doing fun activities

Program Details

  • Modeled after Leadership Santa Cruz County, Leadership Boardwalk is a 10-month program that runs from September to June.
  • Leadership Boardwalk is open to Santa Cruz Seaside Company directors, supervisors, managers and assistant managers. If you are interested in participating and your title does not fit this description please contact Kris Reyes to discuss. 
  • All interested participants must apply to attend Leadership Boardwalk.
  • Approximately 15 people are selected for each year.
  • Individual sessions typically last a full workday.
  • Sessions may include site visits to the featured department.
  • The site visit in May is a field trip to another attraction or amusement park.

For more information please contact Kris Reyes at [email protected].

Leadership Boardwalk participants learning skills

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