Boardwalk Games

Win prizes and test your skills with Boardwalk games!

Toss a ball, flip a dime, or test your strength to win prizes and impress friends and family! A visit to the Boardwalk wouldn’t be complete without classic games like Dime Toss and Milk Bottle, or check out the latest craze – Stinky Feet!

Park Gates Open:

  • Mon-Fri: 10am to 5pm
  • Sat-Sun: 9am to 7pm

Hours and locations may vary. Thank you for your understanding.

Boardwalk rides are closed.

The Casino Arcade, Neptune's Kingdom, Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Fright Walk and Boardwalk Bowl are also closed.


Practice your archery skills and use a bow to propel your arrow into the target to win a prize.

Photo of a girl playing the Archery game at the Boardwalk

Balloon Bust

Throw a ball to pop balloons. The more you pop, the bigger the prize! Everyone twelve and under wins a prize, every time.

Photo of the Balloon Bust Game


Bazooka packs a serious punch! Can you hit the target?

Photo of the Bazooka Game cannon

Bob's Fishin' Hole

Fish are easy to catch and everyone's a winner at Bob's. The bigger the fish, the bigger the prize!

Photo of the Bob's Fishin' Hole game at the Boardwalk


Nobody minds if you break a plate in this classic game, in fact you'll be rewarded!

Photo of the Break-a-Plate Game at the Boardwalk

Bushel Baskets

Easy does it! Toss a ball into a basket to claim a fun prize.

Photo of the Bushel Baskets game at the Boardwalk

Dime Toss

Dust off those old dimes! If you land one on a prize, that prize is yours.

Photo of people playing Dime Toss game at the Boardwalk

Disk Drop

With a winner every time, there's no reason not to try this fun game where players drop the play piece from the top and watch as it goes down into the scoring area.

Photo of Disk Game


Use a real soccer ball to test your soccer skills and win prizes.

Photo of the Gooooooal game at the Boardwalk

Jungle Climb

Climb a ladder without falling off to win the biggest prize in the park! Easy, right?

Photo of the Jungle Climb game in action

Knock Down

Throw a ball to knock down silly clowns. The more clowns you hit the bigger the prize.

Photo of the Knock Down Game at the Boardwalk

Long Shot Basketball

How's your 3-pointer?
Shoot some hoops and you could win a basketball!

Photo of playing Long Shot Basketball Game

Milk Bottle

This game has been popular for generations! Knock'em down to win a prize.

Photo of Milk Bottles set up ready to hit

Pitch In

Toss a ball and try to land it in a colored cup. A different prize for every color. Different cups win different prizes.

Photo of people playing the Pitch In game at the Boardwalk


If you're a champ at beer pong, you might have an advantage in this game. Step up to the cups!


Ring Toss

This is a game of both luck and skill. Toss the rings and try to land them on a bottle to win a prize. If your ring lands on a gold bottle, you'll win the biggest prize in the park!

Ring Toss Game


Race and toss the balls in the holes to make your dolphin go faster. The more players, the bigger the prize—there's a winner every time!


Shoot Out Star

Bullseye! Players get 100 shots to knock out the star and win a big prize!

Shoot Out Star

Speed Pitch

Could you be in the Major Leagues? Guess your throwing speed to win! Try to top the daily high score while you're at it…

Shoot Out Star

Stinky Feet

Lather up some fun! Kids always get a kick out of this silly bath-themed game. Grab a seat on a potty then squirt water at a bathtub and a pair of stinky feet!

Stinky Feet Game


Sink a basket, one in wins!


The Big Splash

Toss ping pong balls into a pond full of flowers, if you get a ball into any flower you'll win a prize.

The Big Splash

The Great Water Race

Race against other players to squirt water into your clown’s mouth. Watch your aim, whoever fills their clown up first is the winner!

The Great Water Race Game

Top Glo

Ready...Set... Glo! Beat your friends to get the glowing tube to the top and take home a prize! There is a winner every game!

Top Glo Game

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