UNDERTOW • Spinning Coaster


Buckle up for some unexpected thrills as Undertow's crazy turns and sudden drops will push you to the edge… and back!

Catch your breath and try it again because Undertow's unique design ensures that no two rides are ever the same. Start facing forward or start facing backward, depending on the weight and position of riders, your speed and rotation change every time!

Ride Description

The fun begins with the first drop as riders scream downhill in a disorienting sideways position at speeds of up to 40 mph.

In the Immelmann Turn, the track takes a sharp 80° bank as you find yourself staring straight up at the sky or straight down at the ground depending on your position in the car at any given moment.

A 360° carousel spin, a slalom section, and plenty of sharp curves will keep you wondering which way is up!

Undertow Spinning Coaster

Technical Data

  • Track length: 1410 ft.
  • Height: 50 ft.
  • Cars: 4-seater, spinning
  • Number of cars: 7
  • Capacity: 900 pph
  • Base area: 147 x 75 ft.

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