New! Boardwalk Main Entrance & Plaza Project

An exciting new Boardwalk improvement project is currently underway!

We're creating a beautiful new Main Entrance to welcome visitors, with a lot of fun improvements in the area between Neptune's Kingdom and Speed Bumps.

Boardwalk Main Entrance Project Artist's Conception Drawing

NEW Rides

More rides! - We're adding more spins, flips and thrills for your enjoyment!

Take a spin on Shockwave! NOW OPEN!! 

The Boardwalk's wild new ride that sends you rocking and reeling on a crazy spinning wave of fun.

The 65' Shockwave holds 24 riders on individual motorcycle-style seats facing outward around a large disk. The disc spins, while also rocking riders back and forth on a curling, wave-shaped track. Shockwave will be located next to the Undertow roller coaster on an expanded upper deck overlooking the new Main Entrance. Known in the amusement industry as a Mega Disk'O, the ride is manufactured by Zamperla.

NEW Typhoon Ride

Flip over the NEW Typhoon!

Expect a storm of adrenaline when Typhoon launches you six stories above the Boardwalk for some serious upside-down thrills!

Typhoon swings riders upside-down on two spinning arms, reaching a height of 60' over the Boardwalk. The classic thrill ride will be located just inside the new Main Entrance, providing an exciting visual for guests entering the park. Manufactured by A.R.M., the new double-arm ride is similar to a former Boardwalk ride (also called Typhoon) which was replaced by Sea Swings in 2009.

NEW Attraction Designs


More fun! - New designs for two favorite Boardwalk attractions.

FRIGHT WALK moves beneath...

Are you brave enough to venture under the Boardwalk?

An all new FRIGHT WALK with more scare space and a hauntingly fantastic new entrance!

The Boardwalk's popular walk-through attraction is now located "under the Boardwalk" and upgraded with additional scares and more square footage. Fright Walk's spooktacular makeover will impress the bravest thrill-seekers with new high-tech surprises and some good old-fashioned frights.

Open daily with Boardwalk Rides

Fright Walk
Artist Rendering

THE VAULT Laser Maze Challenge

Expanded with a second vault and awesome new theming!

A real test of balance and agility. Avoid touching the glowing laser beams as you make your way under, over, and through the tricky maze to the finish while friends track your progress then try to beat your score.

Open daily with Boardwalk Rides

The Vault Lazer Maze
Artist Rendering

NEW Cruzin' Crepes

More Food! - Delicious, made-to-order crepes, to go.

With your choice of delicious sweet or savory fillings!

Birthday Party Room

An attractive new party room for birthdays, Boardwalk style!

Our new Birthday Party Room will be bigger and brighter than before and comes with food and ticket options for easy-to-plan kids' parties.

Boardwalk Birthday Party Button


Will rides be closed during construction?

Most rides will not be affected by the construction project.

Will there be any new rides and attractions?

Yes, the NEW Fright Walk, Laser Maze, and Shockwave are now open. Typhoon will open this summer.

Will Boardwalk events be impacted by construction?

Boardwalk events will all proceed as normal during construction.

When will the project be complete?

We expect all construction to be complete by Summer, 2017.

Where can I read more about this project?

Please see our press release.

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