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Birthday Party Testimonials

'It went so well and the boys loved the entire thing!'

'Thank you so much for the party room! It went so well and the boys loved the entire thing! The surprise gift bags were awesome and so was meeting Splash! We are very lucky to live so close to such a wonderful family fun spot like the Boardwalk!'

—Tony, Cheryl, Barrett, Emmett & Max

'The team did an amazing job.'

'The team did an amazing job, it was a lot of fun and Mike had a blast. The pizza was delish and I appreciate how well organized it was! Thank you!'


'Everything was terrific.'

'Everything was terrific for Lucas' party. He says he wants to go there every year. Very organized. Fun was had by all. Thank you so much.'


'I cannot thank you all enough.'

'I want to thank Carol and Stephanie for such great service. Carol was so easy to work with. She made arranging and planning of the birthday party seamless. Just amazing. Stephanie was in such a positive mood even after being around ten rambunctious little boys. Splash was also very welcomed and left a great impression. I cannot thank you all enough for the great birthday party my son had. Thank you again.'

—Amanda and Family

'Splash was a hit!'

'Splash was a hit! My friend was hesitant to include Splash in the 7 year old boy's party— but Splash couldn't even get in past the yellow fence because all the kids wanted to say hi to him! I love that you have a table and bench outside the room. It worked as good overflow for all of the parents since it was such a big party. I was surprised when the host started taking photos. What an AWESOME thing to include!!! As a parent trying to host everyone, taking photos is something you usually have to pass on to a friend. That is a great bonus to having your party here!

The room is decorated nicely! I was happy to hear that we offer the option for people to drop their presents off at the Group Sales Office. The host was amazing. The kids all had a blast. You guys do a great job!!'


'Thank you all for a wonderful event!'

'Thank you all for a wonderful event! We loved the cute party room, the party host, and Splash, he was cool ; ). The gift bag was a nice touch too. I was a little unsure about renting a party room on top of the usual birthday expenses, but getting the discount on the wristbands was a good trade off, it made it worth it. Also, it was nice a to have a 'focal point' for our time at the boardwalk - retreat from the crowds, and special pizza and ice-cream time. Also it was nice to have special access to the haunted castle ride, that was a fun follow up. It was also good to have a place to store all of our birthday party 'swag' and food, that was helpful. (and a phone to use when one of our party parent's phone ran out of battery ; ))

I know the girls had a great time (and so the did the parents), they will always remember this time I'm sure!'


'You were easy and flexible to work with.'

'Just wanted to thank you for a job well done for my kid's 9th birthday party. You were easy and flexible to work with and the staff who served the party were awesome, too. With your great service and nice gift for the kids, I would book a party again!'


'We are always going to cherish the memories.'

'Thanks you so much for a wonderful time. My husband and I truly appreciate all your efforts and great service and he had the time of his life. We are always going to cherish the memories of his Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk birthday party, thanks to you all!'


'You guys just made our day so wonderful.'

'Birthday Party Team - You guys just made our day so wonderful!!! We had the best time at the Boardwalk, we couldn't have been happier. Keep on making people's memories so memorable, you do a fantastic job! Everything was taken care of for us, easy going, just made it even better so we could enjoy more of the day with our son! Way to go Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!'


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