MyBoardalk Card Description

MyBoardwalk Play Card

Make sure you have our new PLAY card!

Old MyBoardwalk Card to new MyBoarwalk Play Card

Here's how to exchange your old card:

  1. Visit one of these human-powered locations with your old card(s):
    • Casino Arcade:
      • Prize Center
      • Laser Tag Desk
    • Neptune's Kingdom
      • Mini Golf
      • Captain's Game Deck
    • Any Ticket Booth (during ride operating hours)
    • Season Pass or Guest Services Offices (9am-5pm and during ride operating hours)
  2. We will transfer all points and e-tickets from your old card(s) to a new card.
  3. Start PLAYING!

These convenient new cards make it easy to enjoy individual rides, attractions, arcades, and midway games with just one tap!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Your card can be used for individual rides, arcades, midway games and attractions throughout the Boardwalk.
  • Keep your card safe, it never expires.
  • You can add more value to your card at MyBoardwalk Kiosks located around the park and inside every arcade. You can also add value at any Boardwalk ticket booth, Mini Golf, and Laser Tag.
  • Your card can be transferred or shared with family and friends.

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MyBoardwalk FAQ

What is MyBoardwalk?

MyBoardwalk is the name of our cashless card program. You can use MyBoardwalk Play Cards for individual rides, arcades, midway games and attractions. 

Where can I get a card?

Cards are available at MyBoardwalk Kiosks around the park and in the arcades at the Boardwalk, in the Boardwalk Bowl arcade area, Mini Golf, Laser Tag, and the Boardwalk Season Pass Office located at Main Entrance.

Are cards free?

There is no charge for the card. You receive a MyBoardwalk Play Card when you purchase points. $1 per point. 

How do the Kiosks work?

They use a simple touch screen and accept either cash or credit cards.

Where can I use a MyBoardwalk Play Card?

You can use your MyBoardwalk Play Card for individual rides, arcades, midway games and attractions. For food locations, MyBoardwalk Cards (paid points only) are accepted at Barbary Coast, Surf City Grill, Cruzin' Crêpes, Barnacle Bill's, Hot Dawgs, Dipper Diner, and Tater Twists. For retail locations, Santa Cruz Threads and Threads West accept MyBoardwalk Cards (paid points only).

You can also use the card to play arcade games at the Boardwalk Bowl. 

MyBoardwalk Play Card points are redeemable for Ride Wristbands or Season Pass purchases.

Will my old MyBoardwalk Card still work in 2021?

No, starting January 28, 2020, we will have a new and improved MyBoardwalk Play Card. Older cards won't work, but any points you have on your old card can easily be transferred to a new card at any ticket booth.

What are Bonus Points?

Bonus Points are free points that are added to your card when purchasing a special bonus package.  Bonus Points can be used for individual rides, arcades, midway games and attractions.

Does everyone in my family need their own card?

It’s up to you. The whole family can share one card, or everyone can have their own card.

Can I give a card as a gift?

Yes! They make great gifts. Ask for a special gift envelope at our Season Pass Office.

What happens to unused points on my card?

If the card has been inactive for 24 consecutive months (for example, no purchases, reloading or balance inquiries) and the cash value on the card is $5 or less, a $1 per month dormancy fee may be charged each month until the cash value is zero or the card becomes active. 

What if my child loses their card?

A MyBoardwalk Play Card is just like cash; if it’s lost, we cannot offer a refund.

Can I still win tickets for prizes at Redemption Games in Boardwalk Arcades?

Yes. Redemption games now automatically add e-tickets to your MyBoardwalk Card when you win games. You still redeem your e-tickets for prizes at the Prize Center.

I have some old Boardwalk ride tickets, can I still use them?

Please visit the Season Pass office and we will credit those tickets towards a Ride Wristband.

I have some old Boardwalk Arcade tokens, can I still use them?

Bring your tokens to the Boardwalk Season Pass Office, Guest Services, or a cashier at Laser Tag or Mini Golf and exchange your tokens for points on your MyBoardwalk Play Card. 

Where can I get more information?

Email [email protected], call (831) 423-5590.

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