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The 31st Annual Clam Chowder
Cook-Off & Festival

Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012 Event Photos

Thank you to every one involved and everyone who attended. It was an amazing day!


Here are the 2012 winners!!


People’s Choice (Voted #1 by the Public)

  • Individual Boston – Rosie’s Clam & Get It, Kitty Dixon, Soquel
  • Professional Boston – LouLou’s Griddle in the Middle, Benito Carillo, Monterey
  • Individual Manhattan – Grandma’s Clam Diggers, Janine Ponce, Aptos
  • Professional Manhattan – UCSC Redwood Sluggers, Dwight Collins, Santa Cruz


Most Tasted Chowders

  • Rosie’s Clam & Get It, Kitty Dixon, Soquel
  • UCSC Chowder Slugs, Scott Berlin, Santa Cruz
  • Cabrillo Stimulus Chowder, Dany Pena, Aptos



Top rated by our panel of judges:


Best Individual Boston

  • 1st Place: Islander’s Chowder I-Chin Chou, Santa Cruz
  • 2nd Place: Wine with Swine’s Piarate Booty Chowdie Bob Callaway, Campbell
  • 3rd Place : Silence of the Clams Brian Edwards, Campbell



Best Individual Manhattan

  • 1st Place: La Squadra di Nonna Ada Daugherty, Sacramento
  • 2nd Place: Audie’s Audacious Aweseome & Authentic Audrey Fitzgerald, Campbell
  • 3rd Place: Grandma’s Clam Digger’s Janine Ponce, Aptos



Best Professional Boston

  • 1st Place: Ideal Bar & Grill Jesus Garcia, Santa Cruz
  • 2nd Place: Local Harvest Catering Denna Myers, Santa Cruz
  • 3rd Place: Aquarius Ross McKee, Santa Cruz



Best Professional Manhattan

  • 1st Place: Severino’s Bar & Grill Miguel Ponce, Aptos
  • 2nd Place: Cabrillo College Stimulus Chowder Mike Wilie, Aptos
  • 3rd Place: Seascape Clamorama Gustavo Sedano, Aptos



Most Original Teams

  • 1st Place: Frankenchowder Frank Gemignani, Santa Cruz
  • 2nd Place: Team Rosie’s Cervando Maya, Santa Cruz
  • 3rd Place: Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Lisa Wooninck, Monterey

City of Santa Cruz LogoThe Cook Off is an important fund-raiser for the City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department. (Last year more than $55,000.00 was raised.)


Sponsored by the City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Metro Newspapers, United Airlines, Xfinity, KWAV 97FM, Z97.9, ESPN 630AM, Dream Inn, Berkeley Farms, and Crystal Springs

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